Located between Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina, Chiado is located, one of the most emblematic and traditional neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Belonging to the parish of Santa Maria Maior, it has suffered ups and downs throughout its history, but its architecture with roots in Portuguese Romanticism has made it one of the most valued neighborhoods in the capital.

Partly destroyed in 1988, when the fire that destroyed the Grandella warehouses ruined 17 buildings, it underwent an integrated recovery intervention, by the hand of the architect Siza Vieira, which lasted a decade and which restored all of its original splendor.

Today Chiado has recovered all the charm of a century ago, returning to its busy streets and stores, aimed at an eclectic but sophisticated audience, the importance of yesteryear.

Points of interest

  • Café A Brasileira - Famous for its connections to intellectuals, among which the poet Fernando Pessoa, immortalized through a bronze statue by Lagoa Henriques, located on the esplanade of the café;
  • Largo de Camões - A very popular square, due to its privileged location, where you can enjoy the beauty and architecture of Chiado, in all its splendor, with the statue of the poet Luís de Camões in the center;
  • São Carlos Theater - Located in Largo de S. Carlos, this theater with the same name, we find the building where the poet was born, where several music and art shows have passed, with emphasis on the opera theater;
  • Teatro S. Luiz - Has had several names, such as Teatro D.Amélia, today belongs to the Municipality of Lisbon and offers a diversified cultural poster throughout the year;
  • National Museum of Contemporary Art - also known as Museu do Chiado, with works from the second half of the 19th century onwards.
  • Churches - Noteworthy are the Church of Loreto and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, with the outer walls partially decorated with tiles;
  • Largo do Carmo - adjacent to the property, with its rosewood in bloom, its terraces and restaurants, the Convento do Carmo and the Elevador de Santa Justa is one of the most sought after locations in Chiado for its romanticism and historical legacy;
  • Ruins of Convento do Carmo - Built in the 14th century, and located in Largo do Carmo is where the Archaeological Museum of Carmo is currently installed.
  • Chafariz do Carmo - Dating from the 18th century, it is right in the center of Largo do Carmo;
  • Quartel do Carmo - Belonging to the National Republican Guard;
  • Valadares Palace - It was in this palace that the first Portuguese university was founded, in the time of D. Dinis, before being transferred to Coimbra.
  • Santa Justa Elevator - Opened in 1902, it connects Largo do Carmo to Rua do Ouro in Baixa Pombalina. The Santa Justa Elevator is today one of the icons of Lisbon.
  • Church of the Third Order of Nossa Senhora do Carmo ;
  • Teatro da Trindade - belonging to the National Institute for the Use of Free Time (INATEL).
  • Cervejaria Trindade - with its magnificent 18th century tiles is a restaurant that deserves your visit;
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2. November 2020
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