Joint Owners

Owners are the people who, regardless of whether or not they live in the building, are simultaneously owners of one or more fractions and joint owners of the common parts.

What are the rights of Owners?

Right from the start, each owner has the right to use not only their fraction but also the common parts of the building. On the other hand, it is up to him to participate in the management of the condominium, voting on the deliberations at the joint-owners meeting.

What are the duties of the Owners?

The duties of the tenant are:

  • Participate in the expenses with the common parts of the building - with the exception of those whose use is assigned only to some tenants;
  • Do not jeopardize safety or the architectural line or the aesthetic arrangement of the building, either by making incorrect new works or by failing to make necessary repairs;
  • Do not allocate the fraction to offensive uses of good customs;
  • Do not give your fraction an end other than that for which it is intended;
  • Celebrate and keep updated the insurance against fire risks of the respective fraction and of the common parts of the building;
  • Exercise the position of administrator, or provisional administrator, when competing by law;
  • Communicate, in writing, to the administrator your address, or your representative, if you do not reside in the building;
  • Do not perform acts that have been prohibited by the constitutive title or by resolution of the joint owners' agreement approved without opposition.
  • Any other duties set forth in the condominium regulations.

What to do when a condominium does not pay the condominium expenses?

Nowadays it is very simple to act against a condominium owner who does not pay the contributions to which he is obliged with the condominium. The administrator simply takes a certified photocopy of the minutes of the meeting that has decided the amount of the contributions due to the condominium or any expenses necessary for the conservation and use of the common parts, and resort to the services of a lawyer to bring an executive action in the judicial court of the area. against the owner who does not pay his share, within the established period.

What works can a joint owner do in his fraction?

All works that represent an innovation in the building, including those that modify its architectural line or its aesthetic arrangement, can only be completed if they are authorized by a majority of 2/3 of the votes of the total value of the building. Any tenant can join two or more fractions of the same building, as long as they are contiguous, without the authorization of the remaining tenants. However, one cannot divide a fraction into two or more, unless the constitutive title allows it to do so, or, if all the tenants, without exception, authorize it. It is necessary to take into account that, regardless of whether or not approval by the joint owners of the works in the fraction, all works that imply changes must be previously licensed by the respective City Council. The use of fractions can never be changed without the agreement of all the tenants and the respective council license.

Source: Condominium Guide

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