Energy Efficiency

This is a topic that concerns consumers more and more. The cost of energy will tend to increase in the future and houses are by definition responsible for one of the energy consumptions with the greatest weight in our budget and with the greatest impact on the sustainability of the planet.

Thus, any measure we can take to reduce this bill is good for our portfolio and good for the preservation of natural resources. If this topic interests you, follow this section as I will write about news, suggestions and ideas that will help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Since self-consumption was born, being a means for users to produce energy at home without relying on the conventional electric grid, the world has been looking at the trends that are emerging in the market, due to the exploitation of renewable energy, and which is currently responsible for a large part of the energy supply.

This system is emerging and gaining more and more importance...

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Of course, these are still useful suggestions for saving energy, but we do not always remember them and sometimes they pass us by completely. Did you know that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, coupled with technology and still save money?

Automating the home is a trend that has been gaining more and more fans, being one of the best solutions for those looking for...

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This space covers 44,517 square meters and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the natural world by displaying more than 10,000 artifacts from all seven continents.

The building includes exhibition spaces, a 4D theater, an outdoor exhibition garden and a 30-meter high atrium that welcomes visitors with an abundance of natural light filtered through an impressive glass wall,...

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