Aerothermia: an energy to change the future of the environment

Aerothermia is a type of renewable energy that transforms the thermal energy in the air and transfers it to the interior of the house, using Air Source Heat Pumps, in order to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water, efficiently and according to the needs of comfort of housing.

Since self-consumption was born, being a means for users to produce energy at home without relying on the conventional electric grid, the world has been looking at the trends that are emerging in the market, due to the exploitation of renewable energy, and which is currently responsible for a large part of the energy supply.

This system is emerging and gaining more and more importance in today's society, as opposed to conventional forms of energy based on carbon, although a radical change in human mentality is still needed to be able to completely replace them.

The best known way to practice self-consumption is through solar panels, which capture solar radiation and transform it into electrical consumption for your home. However, there are other sources, such as wind, water, and new devices that have been developed in the technology market, such as aerothermal energy, which offers benefits to the environment and home finances. We are talking about aerothermal.

What is Aerothermia?

This system takes advantage of renewable energies, as they are inexhaustible and free, to supply electricity to your home at low cost. This way, the user obtains significant savings on the electricity bill, helping the responsible and moderate use of that supply. Hereby, it is possible to feed the most basic components that have the greatest impact on the consumption of your home.

This technology extracts about 77% of the air that is condensed in the environment to transform it into energy consumption.

How does air heater work?

The process that uses aerothermal energy to generate environmental energy for electrical consumption at home consists of a very simple and fast process, since its mechanism includes a thermodynamic cycle that captures the temperature of the external air through a compressed refrigerant gas at a very low temperature.

This system has one of the best advantages as it allows you to save up to 22% on your electricity bill.

Advantages of the aerothermal system

In fact, this system, taking advantage of renewable energies, has gained increasing expression due to its positive aspects and which should be a priority nowadays.

We will highlight some of them:

  • It allows all energy that was not consumed during the day to be stored in the system's batteries, and supplied during the night or on days when it is not possible to extract energy.
  • It is a practical and comfortable equipment, which does not require constant technical visits to check for flaws or other problems.
  • It guarantees environmental quality, as it allows greater sustainability and responsibility in contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • It generally does not cause problems in your installation, but we recommend that you obtain the guidance of a specialist technician.
  • Eliminates the user's dependence on the common electrical network, being totally independent .

Aerothermal energy is an economical and low-consumption alternative for the needs of all types of houses, both in new buildings and in those undergoing transformation, while still allowing for high energy efficiencyAnd if we add to this, the increase in the price of fossil fuels, its expansion is guaranteed .

Updated on: 
31. May 2020
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