Housing Loans

Those who want to buy a house, and do not have the necessary capital to finance the acquisition, usually resort to a bank / financial institution to contract a home loan, partially or almost in full.

You can follow here all the information and news associated with this type of credit and you already know, the difference between being well or poorly informed can represent a lot of money, in a loan whose repayment period can go up to 40 years.

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Numbers and Statistics

When looking at the statistical evolution of the various indicators that make up the real estate scenario, it is easy to see that, if there are no extraordinary events with a strong impact on the economy, this evolution will tend to follow a curve whose trend is predictable. At least, this is what mathematical theories teach us.

On the other hand, the...

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These figures follow the 33% growth observed in 2015, having reached a total volume of 130 million euros in real estate transactions that year.

These results confirm that leasing is a financing solution, which, due to its advantages and flexibility in terms of contractual conditions, is increasingly a solution to the liking of companies and private customers.

Real Estate Leasing...

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