Linda-a-Velha is a locality around the Palace of the Aciprestes, in the parish of Algés, Linda-a-Velha and Cruz Quebrada-Dafundo. Its patron saint is Nossa Senhora do Cabo.

A mainly housing area, which has a wide network of services. Its proximity to Lisbon, the Mata do Estadio Nacional and the beaches of the Estoril line makes it a pleasant place to live, not far from the capital. Nestlé headquarters is located here.

As for the demographic indicators, it had, according to the INE, a birth rate of 10.7 ‰ (235 live births) and a mortality rate of 7.4 ‰ (162 deaths) in 2001.

Linda-a-Velha was elevated to the village on August 16, 1991, and the parish was officially established on June 11, 1993, due to the dismemberment of the parish of Carnaxide. The parish was abolished in 2013, with a surface area of 2.32 km² and 19 999 inhabitants, a population density of 8,620.3 inhabitants / km² (2011).

Points of interest

  • Palace of the Aciprestes (Foundation Marquês de Pombal)
  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Cabo
  • Church of Nossa Senhora do Cabo
  • Garden of the Plantains and Adventure Park
  • Linda-a-Velha Recreation Academy
  • School of Music and Dance of Nossa Senhora do Cabo


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