Piscina Municipal de Barcarena

Facing the Barcarena valley, on the west side, is the Municipal Pool of Barcarena Fernando Feio. It is one of the most sought after swimming pools in the Municipality of Oeiras, both for its good facilities and for the swimming school that develops activities and training from 12 months to more advanced ages.

The space was designed to become a covered or uncovered space, depending on weather conditions. The pool is heated and the water quality is ensured by treatment and testing in accordance with best practices.

The pool is divided into two spaces, communicable with each other, one 25m x 12.5m (with a depth of 1.20m to 1.85m) and another 16.6m x 6m (with a depth of 0.60m up to 0.90 m).

The pool closes in August and in the remaining months it develops:

Activities of:

  • Apnea
  • Birthday parties
  • Water aerobics
  • Underwater Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Swimming for babies
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Free use

Lessons for:

  • Babies II (from 12 to 24 months);
  • Babies III (from 24 to 36 months);
  • Aquatic Adaptation;
  • Learning (Crol + Costas);
  • Learning (Breaststroke);
  • Learning (Mariposa);
  • Improvement (up to 15 years old);
  • Learning (+15 years);
  • Improvement (+ 15 years);
  • Water aerobics (+ 15years);
  • Water aerobics (+ 60 years);
  • Hydro + 60 Barcarena residents;
  • Sub aquatic hockey (+ 8 years).


Mon - Fri: 08: 00 - 21:00 | Sat - Sun: 09: 00 - 13:00
(see attached link with schedules and training schedule for the current season)


R. Carlos Napion 32A, Barcarena, 2730-043 Oeiras
+351 214 217 054


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6. April 2020
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