Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage is the professional activity performed by consultants and real estate companies (duly licensed) and which translates into the provision of intermediation services in the purchase, sale or transfer of properties .

This is an activity duly regulated and characterized by Decree-Law no. 211/2004 , of 20 August 2004, summarized as follows:

The activity of Real Estate Brokerage is one in which, by contract, a company undertakes to endeavor to get interested in the realization of a business aimed at the constitution or acquisition of real rights over real estate, the exchange, the transfer or the lease of the property. or the assignment of position in contracts whose object is immovable property.

Keller Williams is one of the largest real estate companies in the world, based in Austin, USA In Portugal, Keller Williams Portugal has been present since 2014, developing its activity through a network of franchisees - Market Centers - all of them duly licensed by IMPIC for the exercise of this activity.

The real estate brokerage activity is characterized by the following tasks:

  1. Purchase - Prospecting and information gathering actions aimed at finding the property desired by the customer ;
  2. Sale - Actions to promote real estate on which the client intends to carry out a legal transaction, namely through disclosure, advertising or auctions.

Real Estate Brokerage is developed by companies , duly licensed for this purpose by IMPIC , and who exercise their activity with clients through real estate consultants who are properly trained and qualified to perform the function. They are responsible for presenting the property to interested customers and organizing their visits .

For this to happen, real estate companies advertise the property using advertising media and advertising networks (digital or other). It is also the responsibility of the real estate agencies to document the processes, from the drafting of the Real Estate Brokerage contract, the property purchase and sale contract , using the appropriate legal support (solicitors to notaries).

In case the negotiation ends successfully, it is the real estate company that organizes the different moments of the property transaction, from the CPCV to the final deed of sale or purchase of the property . Finally, the real estate company is also responsible for documenting the entire process and sending the legally defined information to supervisory entities, such as Banco de Portugal.

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1. October 2019
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