From a real estate point of view, the Spread of a bank loan for the purchase of a house is the fixed percentage that is added to the reference rate (usually indexed to the Euribor index).

In other words, the monthly installment related to the loan provided by the Bank is calculated monthly as the sum of the loan amortization value + the interest value calculated based on the indexing rate + the value of the Spread + other services (such as insurance, and ).

The Spread rate is fixed for the entire period of the loan and depends on the initial conditions referred to in the contract with the Bank and replicated in the deed of purchase of the property. The indexed interest rate is reviewed periodically, according to the agreed period (it can be every 3 months, 6 months, annually or for a fixed period that does not usually exceed 5 years).

The Spread rate initially contracted with the bank may vary depending on the effort rate of the borrower, or the contracting of mandatory additional services such as credit cards, domiciliation of the due date, retirement savings plans, etc. thus lowering the value of the Spread.

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