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In the past, I had already looked into this trend, which has brought celebrities from all over the world, some because they choose to buy a house and live in this corner of Europe and others because they rent a house and live here for some time.

... Ler Mais

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Presented by the recognized Real Estate Influencer, Massimo... Ler Mais

Nowadays, it is known that there are no longer "crazy people" as there once were, but rather a gradient of subtle cognitive disorders that range from stress-oh-hallucinated, to completely swept away... (piii)!

Here I leave for future studies on humanity, a request for information that I... Ler Mais

Red Day 2024

Once a year, all Keller Williams agencies around the world suspend their usual activities to dedicate themselves to a greater cause: Red Day. This initiative, which is celebrated on the second Thursday of May , symbolizes the commitment of company with social responsibility and strengthening the local communities in which it operates.... Ler Mais

The number of AMI licenses that enable a company or professional to mediate real estate deals (buying and selling properties) has continued to grow in the last decade. I remember that in 2014 there were 3,410 AMI licenses and today there are 9,611. A growth of 282% in just one decade.

Tops there are many...

It is clear... Ler Mais

Having been approved on January 8, 2024, the "Licensing Simplex" within the More Housing Package, no longer requires the presentation of the Habitation License and Technical Dossier of the property, or proof of their existence, at the time of the deed of sale and purchase of a house,... Ler Mais

These are the main measures, briefly described here:

Summary of Decree-Law No. 10/2024 , of January 8, which aims to Simplify Licensing.


License deletion:

Creation of new cases of prior communication and exemption from prior control. Exemption from licenses for interior works that do not affect the stability... Ler Mais

In Portugal, doors painted red represent more than a mere aesthetic choice; they symbolize hospitality and good luck. We often find these doors in picturesque villages and historic towns as well as in busy urban neighborhoods. According to popular tradition, in ancient times, disoriented... Ler Mais

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