Red Day 2024

Keller Williams , recognized worldwide for its operations in the real estate sector, also stands out for its commitment to social responsibility, materialized through Red Day. This annual event has already transcended the borders of its country of origin, the USA, and has become a global movement that brings together collaborators, real estate consultants and communities, in favor of a significant social impact.

Once a year, all Keller Williams agencies around the world suspend their usual activities to dedicate themselves to a greater cause: Red Day. This initiative, which is celebrated on the second Thursday of May , symbolizes the commitment of company with social responsibility and strengthening the local communities in which it operates. In Portugal, Red Day has gained a notable dimension, reflecting the spirit of solidarity and dedication of the Portuguese, with special emphasis on the real estate consultants at KW Portugal , in making a difference.

Origin and Meaning of Red Day

Red Day ( Renew , Energize and D onate) had its first event in 2009 and quickly became one of the fundamental pillars of Keller Williams' corporate culture, all over the world. This special day is dedicated to renewing and energizing the local communities where the company operates, through volunteer projects that involve all its employees.

Since its inauguration, thousands of agents in several countries have participated in activities ranging from rebuilding and maintaining homes, cleaning parks, donating blood, to supporting nursing homes and children's institutions.

Impact on Portugal

In Portugal, Red Day is a demonstration of the mobilization capacity and social commitment of Keller Williams consultants. Each year, different projects are chosen to respond to the specific needs of local communities. For example, in recent years, consultants have been involved in initiatives such as remodeling spaces in public schools, organizing events to raise funds for pediatric hospitals and distributing food to vulnerable families.

The choice of projects is meticulous, ensuring that the impact is significant and lasting. Collaboration with local organizations, such as parish councils, not only makes it possible to identify the highest priority needs, but also ensures the effective implementation of planned activities. Real estate agents' direct involvement in the community also has a positive effect on their relationships with clients and the recognition of the Keller Williams brand.

One of the main differences of KW Portugal's Red Day is its scope. The event is not limited to a single day, but rather an entire month of solidarity actions. This allows more people to get involved and contribute to the cause, generating an even greater impact on the community.

  • In 2023, the event raised more than €100,000 for various social support institutions, in addition to mobilizing more than 2,000 volunteers in actions such as painting schools, donating blood and supporting nursing homes.
  • In 2024, Keller Williams Portugal's Red Day will have education as its central theme. The company will invest in actions that aim to improve the quality of teaching in public schools, provide support to students in vulnerable situations and promote social inclusion.

As an example, here are some initiatives promoted this year by KW Portugal Market Centers :

  • In Vila Nova de Gaia , Porto, KW Somos chose this year to help Misericórdia de Gaia and its Primeiros Passos project, which prevents and reduces vulnerability in early childhood.
  • In Lisbon , KW Ábaco dedicated this day to the Associação Albergues Nocturnos de Lisboa . 6 areas of intervention are identified, all outside the institution, with a lot of cleaning work, removal of rubble, maintenance of spaces involving gardening, vegetable gardening, DIY, painting and maintenance work. This association is an IPSS, founded in 1881 by King Dom Luís I. Currently the hostel provides shelter for 70 homeless men (aged between 20 and 60 years old)
  • In Sintra , KW SOL Sintra will support CERCITOP in Sintra, collaborating in promoting the sale of promotional material with a view to raising funds for this institution. If you pass by the Alegro Sintra Shopping Center, between 10am and 6pm, come and be part of RED DAY and help this cause.CERCITOP provides excellent care to approximately 1650 users, anyone with dependency or disability and employs almost 240 people.
  • In the Algarve , KW Flash Algarve, through its Market Centers Barlavento and Sotavento, will be at Lar Nossa Senhora da Visitação (FASL) for volunteering actions that will benefit the users of this institution, painting the walls, renovating the garden, encouraging customers , etc.
  • On Madeira Island , the Orquestra Clássica da Madeira (OCM), challenged by KW Area Madeira, promotes this Thursday, May 9th, a solidarity concert reversing the funds from the sale of tickets to Centro da Mãe , an institution that supports mothers and children in vulnerable situations. This show will take place at the Madeira Congress Center, at 9 pm, with the OCM being accompanied by 52 instrumentalists, two of whom are students from the Conservatório Escola Profissional das Artes da Madeira, Engº Luiz Peter Clode, the soprano Tatiana Vizir, tenor Alberto Sousa and conductor Francisco Loreto.

Participant Reports

Consultants who participate in Red Day describe this experience as one of the most rewarding in their professional career. The feeling of contributing to the well-being of the community brings a new perspective on the true meaning of success.

Furthermore, the unity and team spirit that develop during these activities are seen as enriching elements for KW's business culture.

Future of Red Day in Portugal

The future of Red Day in Portugal promises more growth and more impact. With the increase in the number of Keller Williams agencies in the country, it is expected that the scope and diversity of solidarity projects will continue to expand. The vision is that more and more people will be touched by these initiatives, strengthening the image of Keller Williams as an entity committed not only to success in the real estate sector, but also to social progress.

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