IMI stirred in houses with "good" views and exposed to the Sun

The news fell like a bomb and was released by Jornal Negócios . It was published yesterday in the Diário da Republica, the diploma already approved by the President of the Republic, which penalizes the “quality and comfort coefficient”, which is one of the parameters that is part of the formula for calculating the value of the IMI tax and that is paid annually by the home owner.

The increase in the weight of this coefficient in the formula in the calculation of the VPT (Asset Value of a House), which used to be 5% and has now gone to 20%, will affect the valuations of new houses or requests for revaluation of old ones, causing the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) goes up, for houses that have greater exposure to the Sun and / or that benefit from "good views" .

This change can affect both the upward and downward assessment of a home. That is, in the future, before asking for a revaluation of the equity value of your home (VPT) think twice, as it may end up with a higher IMI value than the previous one.

According to the president of the Lisbon Association of Owners, Menezes Leitão:

Everything is done so that the people who are paying for their houses have this tax increase that they will not be able to bear and, therefore, most citizens are unprotected against this brutal increase ”

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