The VPT or Tax Patrimonial Value is the value attributed to urban buildings for housing, commerce, industry and services, which is subject to the IMI - Municipal Property Tax rate.

VPT - Valor Patrimonial Tributário

This value is calculated by the Finance services, based on a formula that takes into account several coefficients, such as location, transport and social facilities available, quality and comfort, etc.

For new properties this assessment can only be made by Finance, but for other properties the owner can always request a reassessment, requesting the updating of criteria such as age, construction value and location coefficient.

If you want to check the fairness of the current value of the VPT and determine if it pays to ask for a free revaluation, you can always use the Finance simulator by clicking here.

If the values of the simulation justify a request for revaluation, you will have to fill out the respective update request form (provided you have not made an identical request in the previous 3 years). The resulting new value will only be effective in the payment of the IMI for the following fiscal year.


IMT - Imposto Municipal sobre Transmissões Onerosas
The IMT or Municipal Tax on Onerous Transmissions of Real Estate and applies to real estate transfers, located within the Portuguese territory.


IMI - Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis
The IMI or Municipal Property Tax is a municipal tax that is levied on the VPT (Tax Patrimonial Value) of all properties located in the national territory and whose payment is annual
Avaliação imobiliária
The real estate appraisal is a process that implies the physical inspection of an appraiser - duly certified professional - to a property, with the purpose of estimating its financial value.

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