KW Active first Keller Williams Market Center at Parque das Nações

Keller Williams Portugal maintains its expansion plan and signs a contract for the opening of a new Market Center in Lisbon, in the Parque das Nações area.

Pursuing its expansion plan in Portugal, KW - Keller Williams now counts 27 Market Centers, of which 12 were opened in the last 12 months - almost doubling the number that existed a year ago. The goal set for the end of 2023 is to increase this number to 50 Market Centers and 10,000 real estate consultants and employees.

KW Active is preparing a space located on Avenida de Berlin, in Parque das Nações , one of the most dynamic areas of the real estate market in the city of Lisbon, with more than 400 m2 .

As already happened in other recently opened Market Centers, the model chosen for the structure of KW Active - Parque das Nações passes through a Core Group of 5 investors , with the participation of professionals with proven experience in the real estate industry, thus facilitating the objective in the medium term of recruiting more than 200 consultants, a number normally reached after 3 or 4 years of existence.

The concept of the Market Center surpasses the ambition of a simple agency, since its dimension in number of professionals and areas dedicated to training, monitoring and meetings with clients is much greater, thus enabling the Market Center to better respond to ambition and professionalism of the KW culture.

By the way, Eduardo Garcia e Costa - President of KW Portugal - stated:

It is always with great pride that we sign a contract to open a new space, with our brand. In this specific case, this opening fits into our strategy, innovative in the real estate market in Portugal, of having consultants in the shareholder structure of the Market Centers, as well as demonstrating that KW's value proposition and the solidity of its business model, continue to be worthy of the interest and trust on the part of people with a relevant background.

KW's Market Centers have, with only five years of presence in Portugal, a dimension four times larger than the market average . Our Market Centers with more than two years already have, on average, more than 100 Consultants. As most KW Market Centers are less than 2 years old, we have strong growth potential. Adding that we have the best value proposition in the market, gaining market share that will be seen in the coming months by KW will be an irreversible process. It will culminate with 50 Market Centers with an average of 200 Consultants by the end of 2023 .

SecondFilipe Flores Ribeiro, Operating Partner & CEO of KW Active:

Parque das Nações, the most eastern part of the city of Lisbon, is a strategic area for KW, as it is a place that has undergone high economic growth, with a growing presence of national residents and great demand from citizens foreigners . Therefore, our support, as consultants in this market, will be essential in this area.

The main area where KW Active will focus its activity is an area of strong dynamics and real estate valuation, with an emphasis on Parque das Nações, although other areas also deserve to be highlighted. Marvila, thanks to Prata Riverside Village, a development on the riverside area of Marvila (600 meters from Fábrica do Braço de Prata), with about 500 dwellings spread over 12 buildings is one of these areas, but Beato is not far behind thanks to real estate projects that are planned.

Freguesia Valor Médio 
Alojamentos Familiares
(€ / m2)
Taxa de variação
1ºT 2020 1ºT2019-1ºT2020
Lisboa 3.€ 333 + 7.1%
Blessed € 2,534 + 13.2%
Marvila 2.€ 881 + 3.4%
Olive groves € 2,463 + 8.8%
Nations' park 4.€ 162 + 25.7%

Source of data: INE .

Updated on: 
30. May 2020
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