This is an area where being informed makes all the difference. Follow here all matters related to the legislation applied to the purchase and sale of real estate, rental of houses, etc.

Updated on: 
4. May 2017

For this, it will be mandatory that the deed document contains the payment method used to pay for the property (mentioning the bank account numbers / checks), and these data will have to be verified and certified by the respective notary.

This proposal, which has just been submitted to the assembly of the republic, will be debated in parliament and subject to a subsequent vote.


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This type of debt has been increasing in recent years according to Deco, to which more and more complaints have come:

One of the main reasons for this situation is the fact that the owners / joint-owners sell their fractions without paying dues in arrears and, in most cases, without informing the new owner of the existence and amount of these debts. As the courts have understood that...

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Changing the tax address, which previously could be done in a simple way through the citizen's portal, is a process that is now more difficult and directly related to the change of address of the citizen card.

Why change the tax address?

Firstly, under the terms of the law, it is mandatory to notify the taxpayer's tax address to the tax administration. In case of non-compliance...

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The increase in the weight of this coefficient in the formula in the calculation of the VPT (Asset Value of a House), which used to be 5% and has now gone to 20%, will affect the valuations of new houses or requests for revaluation of old ones, causing the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) goes up, for houses that have greater exposure to the Sun and / or that benefit from...

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The new legislative package has an impact on several areas, among which I am interested in describing those that concern the real estate sector and which, according to Graça Fonseca, the program coordinator, are to be implemented within a maximum period of 1 year.

With regard to the real estate sector, the measures presented will have an impact on construction, real estate promotion and...

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