In a given year, a real estate consultant belonging to Keller Williams, upon reaching a certain amount in commissions received, joins Club Capper and starts to receive 95% of the commission charged to the client , until the end of that year.


From that moment and until the end of the year you will receive 95% of the commission charged to customers, by KW Portugal, for each transaction!

In the year following the date of his "birthday" the process is repeated again, until the consultant becomes Capper again, in the meantime his commission drops to 50% (or 40% if he is in his first year of activity) ).

This remuneration policy is unique in real estate mediation and corresponds to a business model that aims to remunerate the KW employee as much as possible , providing him with sufficient financial gains to be able to develop his activity successfully!

Updated on: 
15. March 2020
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